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T1 Internet Connectivity service for Business

Written by: Les Harper

T1 Internet Services communication protocols for business entities

Hi-Speed T1  Internet communication protocols are here to stay.  Some technologies have arrived and some are still arriving. The writing on the wall is that these technologies will revolutionize business. Since they have also become immensely affordable for small and large size business units, you will find more and more businesses considering the advantages of installing high T1 Internet connectivity for business advantage.  Gigabit Ethernet, Internet T1 services, OC3 lines, VOIP services, Wi-Fi, WI-Max, wireless or a host of other Hi speed Internet and telephony services are now available on demand. Prices for these services are available with our unique quote tool which provides immediate pricing from more than 30 tier 1 carriers.


Small and medium size businesses that have already made a heavy investment in telephony can consider the possibility of exploiting the redundant capacity of the phone line for Internet access.  They can install a Digital Subscriber line or a DSL modem at their business premises. This offers a high speed Internet connectivity in which the signal is not shared with other users and the telephone line is physically secure. The data transmission can be symmetrical or asymmetrical in this type of connectivity, depending on the type of DSL that is installed. In Asymmetrical data transmission the upstream and downstream data speeds varies. In symmetrical DSL the upstream and downstream speeds are equal.  If there are associated offices that are beyond the range of the central office an IDSL connectivity can be provided for them. This technology is available on loops that contain 25000 feet or less of copper cabling.


T1 Internet service type of high speed internet connectivity is ideal for business locations that are “bandwidth hungry” and there is transmission of large amounts of data all the time.  This type of connectivity offers the fastest speed on dedicated networks. The connection is symmetrical and the upload and download speeds are the same.  The connection has a speed of 1.5 Mbps with no loss of speed on distance from the central location.  The reach is also excellent and is available at locations where other types of technologies are not available.


DS3 technology is ideal for mission critical bandwidth hungry commercial establishments that sends and receives large amounts of data.  DS3 can be full DS3, Fractional DS3, Burstable DS3 and point to point DS3.  This is an ultra high speed connection with data transmission rates of up to 45 Mbps.DS3 pricing is available from this site along with T1 Internet prices and many other price combinations for your business.


Business entities that require very high speed data transmission in tandem with other services such as telephone, fax, video on demand, conferencing or television, may consider the option of installing optical fiber connectivity.  Optical fibers can handle all kinds of communications simultaneously with speeds of up to 100 Mpbs. With the advent of the “fiber to curb” technology the prices have also plummeted.  Optical fiber connectivity is available in Burstable and dedicated bandwidth options.


Small, medium or large businesses that have offices scattered across remote locations would benefit from using Internet via Satellites.  Ultra small and relatively inexpensive antennas can capture signals directly from geo stationary satellites in orbit 36000 kilometers about the equator or from low earth satellites that circle the earth every two hours at altitudes of 1500 kilometers. 


Another T1 Internet connectivity option that can be exploited by small, medium or large size business units is the Local multi point distribution service or LMDS.  This technology is similar to that of the cell phone and permits transmission of data up to 155 Mbps.  Voice networks can also be used concurrently with data transmission.  However, the problem of “rain fade” distortions caused by rainfall limit the potential of this technology. Installation of more than one transmitter per site may improve performance.  The advantage of this technology is that there is no need for hard wiring and the central unit can be moved from place to place without disruption to the service.


Ultimately, it is the business t1 Internet service need, the location of the business units and the nature and scope of Internet usage will determine the type of connectivity that is adopted by a business unit. Business units with a variety of locations and office configurations may mix and match some or all of the above technologies to derive maximum benefit from high speed Internet connectivity. Most importantly is the price for these services and we can help with our unique prices from a range of tier 1 cariers.


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